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2) Don’t Follow Unhealthy Eating Habits

The condition of our lips is impacted by how healthy our diet is. Your lips need good food intake to reap the benefits of sufficient vitamins and nutrients. This also means you need to stay hydrated!

3) Don’t Forget To Remove Lip Makeup

Going to bed with your makeup on is a total no-no, even if all you have on is lipstick. You need to let your lips breathe. Don’t clog those poor lips with lipstick and lip liner and lip primer all night. Just don’t! In fact, you should alternatively consider keeping your lips hydrated overnight with some Vaseline or hydrating lip cream. Ghee also works wonders

4) Don’t Shy Away From Pampering Your Lips 

Show your lips some TLC by massaging them for five minutes each day – you can even use some lovely nourishing oils. This will help improve blood circulation in your lips; as a result, they’ll receive nutrients more efficiently.

5) Don’t Forget To Scrub Your Lips  

Scrubbing your lips helps keep them soft and healthy. Furthermore, removing dead skin cells also prevents infections – trust us, you don’t want one of those!

6) Don’t Forget To Carry A Lip Balm Everywhere

Lips can dry out anytime, anywhere – this is why a hydrating, creamy lip balm is very helpful. Keep some with you at all times! When stepping out, you can also opt for lipsticks that have SPF protection and hydrating, moisturizing properties for an extra layer of protection. Ingredients like natural beeswax, almond oil, glycerine, shea butter, jojoba, coconut oil and Vitamin E are great to look for. If you use a matte lipstick, make sure it has moisturizing properties – a poor quality matte lipstick can make your lips even drier.

7) Don’t Use Really Dark Lipstick Colors Daily  

Dark and pigmented lipsticks can actually lead to pigmented lips. Don’t want your lips to lose their pinkish tinge? Alternate between dark colors and nudes throughout the week.

8) Cut Back On Smoking, Coffee Sessions & Tea Time 

Coffee, tea and nicotine are not good for your lips. In fact, nicotine darkens and discolors your lips. And, caffeine can also blacken your lips if you go overboard.

We hope these eight tips help you take good care of your lovely lips so you can always flash the perfect smile and pout! Check out our lipstick collection now!

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