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2) All About The Base

Base is basic, people! Applying a bit of lip base helps prevent an uneven lip-tone and discoloration. Remember to seal the base with a bit of compact. This is a commonly neglected step that actually goes a long way in smart lipstick application.

3) Line It Up

Define your natural lip line with lip liner. Doing so also prevents your lipstick from looking messy. You can even give your lips a more defined look by reshaping them a bit. If you want your lips to appear plumper, try to apply the lip liner slightly outside your natural lip line.

Pro Tip – Refrain from using a dark liner if you’re going to apply a lighter lipstick shade. In essence, do NOT mix-n-match!

4) Get Out The Brush

Although some people like applying lipstick with their finger or directly from the lipstick container itself, pros apply lipstick with a brush. It prevents you from applying way too much product. And, it also lends itself to even application, including on those tricky lip corners! Put on one layer and blot. Put on another layer and blot.

Confused about which color to pick? Well, according to Bobbi Brown, you should pick a lipstick shade 1-2 shades darker than your natural color. In general, makeup experts advise people to pick lighter colors for more fullness and darker colors for more thinness.

5) Final Touches

You can use a small concealer blush to add extra definition to your lips, fix minor mistakes and correct the shape of your lips a bit more. A lot of makeup experts also like to apply a tiny bit of gloss at the end to give an even poutier look. In case you have small lips, highlighting helps give a fuller appearance, so keep that in mind. Lastly, use your index finger between your lips to prevent any teeth marks – this hack works like a total charm!

We hope your lips slay with these 5 handy-dandy tips on how to apply lipstick correctly. Don’t forget to tag us in pics featuring your prized pout! Check out our lipstick collection now!

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