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Nailing The Right Eyeliner Application 

Although you have probably already seen the major eyeliner application styles – cat, winged, double-winged, no-liner eyeliner and bold square – it is important to also pay attention to the shape of your eyes before zeroing-in on the most suitable style. For example, if your eyes are almond shaped, thin or winged styles are both perfect for you. If you have small eyes, however, it might be ideal to try out a thin cat eye at the top and a nude or white color waterline to make your eyes appear larger. Similarly, if you have close-set, wide-set, hooded or monolid eyes, there are particular methods of application to get the best results, easily available in YouTube tutorials.

Nonetheless, irrespective of what eyeliner application style you decide to go with, there are four essential tips to always keep in mind –

Don’t pull! – Pulling and releasing your eyelid makes your eyeliner bounce – it ends up looking bumpy / textured and amateurish.

Blend – Blending your eyeliner with your eye shadow results is a very sexy smoky look – Pencils are perfect for this!

Balance – Only lining your waterline, makes your eyes seem unbalanced – the bottom seems heavier. Either keep them balanced by lining both the top and bottom. Or, only apply eyeliner on the top for a youthful touch.

Color – Applying black eyeliner on the waterline can make your eyes look small, at times. Experts recommend using black eyeliner on top and a lighter color on the bottom to really make your eyes pop!

Now that you understand different types of eyeliners inside-out, go ahead and show your eyes some good ol’ love!

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