Our Story – Let’s Get Real!

At Elenblu Cosmetics, we don’t think makeup is a necessity to look “beautiful.” On the contrary, we believe it is merely a creative tool to express your unique personality just the way you want and to accentuate the fantastic features you were naturally blessed with.

Today there are many makeup brands in India available to pick from in the market, most high-quality products are international in origin, and expensive for the average consumer to afford. And, the brands that are pocket-friendly often contain ingredients that cause damage in the long-run.

Here Elenblu strives to make a difference.

Our team closely works with the best cosmetic industry professionals around the globe to connect Indians with beauty products that are premium in quality and economical in price, aiming at being the best makeup brand in India.

No high mark-ups.

No harmful chemicals.

No animal testing.

And, no compromise on quality.

Why? Because makeup that is safe to use shouldn’t be “aspirational,” but accessible to anyone and everyone who wants to use their face as the perfect canvas to experiment with various styles.



Our Edge

Infused with the goodness of the finest ingredients, such as argan oil, anti-oxidants and conditioners, each of our products – lipsticks, eye makeup, nail polish – are carefully formulated and hand-picked to inspire you. Long-lasting and safe to use daily without the fear of damaging your skin, lips or nails – Elenblu’s collection doesn’t just look good, it feels good, too. 

Wear Us Proudly

Experience the transformative power of makeup with our vast array of ethical cosmetics that are classy to carry and easy on the pocket. No matter what your style preference is, we’ve got shades and textures for every mood, occasion and taste.

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